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EuroDiaxo offers something that no other employer can touch, We hire the best people to work on some of the most important projects in the industry. Simply put, you will not find a more challenging and personally rewarding career anywhere else. From the beginning, you will be part of a team that impacts and improves lives every day through the work that we do. Our employees have a strong sense of pride because their work matters. We expect your best and we will provide you the tools to achieve and build upon that, including expansive training programs and advancement opportunities that are directly based on your contributions.

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Despite the fact we are a quite new brand, we have a huge experience in building branch. Our success allows us the opportunity to help others achieve their goals. We are committed to helping our communities by involving Disadvantaged Business Enterprises, Minority Business Enterprises and Women-Owned Business Enterprises on our projects. EuroDiaxo is active in the selling and purchasing of equipment for our projects. The Equipment Sales and Purchasing Department employ detailed procedures to ensure fairness and diligence. The Procurement Department establishes national accounts and preferred supplier arrangements for EuroDiaxo’s network of offices. The department also provides support for the development of systems applications, training and process improvement.

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“our core values will always remain our company’s cornerstone”


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